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Door-to-door logistics services, including transportation, warehousing,
customs declaration, booking and feedback
Hango Supply Chain Your Trusted Shipping Agent

Our company's purpose: abide by credibility, safety and efficiency, reasonable fees, honest cooperation
Multi-modal transport, close cooperation with more than ten shipping companies, global routes
International Sea Transportation
International Rail Transportation
International Road Transportation
International Air Transportation
We integrate sea transportation, air transportation and railway transportation, and provide services such as space booking, trailer, interior, customs declaration, insurance, multimodal transportation, etc. We are committed to providing customers with safe, convenient and efficient one-stop international logistics services.
Self-storage, provides additional service space for your cargo.
Double Tax Package, Cross-boundary E-Commerce
Sea, Air, Rail, Small and Large Package, Private Address DDP,
Europe, America, Southeast Asia through train
Customization of Shipping Plans, Schedule Consultation
Provide transportation plans in advance, 100% guarantee for customers, and choose what customers need most.
Diversified Agency Services
Any feasible value-added business related to transporting products, such as: arranging a three-party inspection, brand packaging, warehousing, import and export agency, etc.
Multi-modal Transport Service
Make full use of various transport vehicles to provide customers withcomprehensive and flexible transportation services...

The head office Shanghai Hanguo International Logistics was established in 2016. It is one of the new generation of global professional foreign trade companies. After years of honest management, the company has established extensive business cooperative relations with 142 countries and regions around the world, and has bulit close and direct cooperations with over 10 shipping companies. In 2022, due to the huge growth of the company's business volume and the expansion of business scope, Shanghai Hango Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. was established to better serve customers in foreign trade import and export business.
The company has high-quality business qualifications for international trade, international project contracting, bidding agency, import and export business and other businesses. The business scope covers international trade, overseas engineering, shipping business, bidding business, and modern logistics and other fields.
It is our service goal and purpose to escort your goods all the way.
Warehouse Environment
The external container yard can accommodate up to 800 TUE and operate more than 100 TUE per day. The internal area is 3000 square meters, providing a large space for customers to store goods.
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